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How Japan’s Economic Collapse Reshaped The Anime Industry | ANIMECONOMICS

Economies follow a pattern: booms and busts. And if we’re coming out of the golden age of anime and a period of substantial economic growth in the 1980s, you can guess what’s about to come next. The 1990s kick off what has come to be known as the “lost decade,” or “decades,”in Japan–a prolonged period of economic stagnation that stands in stark contrast to growth that it had recently experienced. Considering the large, positive, impact that a prosperous economy appeared to have on the anime industry in the 80s, it would make sense that the inverse would hold true as well. However, as counterintuitive as it may seem, things weren’t all bad for the anime industry in the 1990s, despite Japan’s struggling economy. And there were still some incredibly popular, and successful, projects that were released during this period. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how Japan’s economic collapse reshaped the anime industry.

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