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Honesty in Packaging: A discussion about high definition releases

Chris Beveridge writes, "One issue that Hollywood hasn't had to deal with too much outside of a very small handful of releases out of their total Blu-ray output is one that anime is going to have to deal with more and earlier. And that problem is that of upscales and the marketing of them to fans, but also how fans will react to them and how they should react to them. This may seem like singling out FUNimation, but it's also a forward-warning of sorts to try and hash things out as other companies get more into the Blu-ray game as well. With FUNimation being the big dog in town though, and the one releasing the majority of Blu-ray anime in the US, they're obviously going to come under more scrutiny. But realistically, we're talking more broadly here and let's keep that in mind so we can have an actual discussion."

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