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Heavily Redacted CBSA Laptop Search Documents Reveal Vague Rules for Anime as Child Pornography

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has published documents received from the Canadian Border Service Agency regarding the organization’s policy for searching laptops after filing a request for the documents under Canada’s Access to Information Act.

What was recieved was heavly redacted with whole sections removed and the salient points defining anime as child porn follow.

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Barbapapa4534d ago

sigh child porn=/= anime. thank god i don't live there。


Archaic4534d ago

It's easy to understand why some of this stuff would be targeted (loli H-doujin, for instance), but I do agree, it's getting rather ridiculous how much they're targeting this sort of stuff. Most of the laws enacted against it are just by politicians who want to give the impression that they're "doing something against child porn" to the common voter.

Barbapapa4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

there are some points that anime(specially H) may go over boards with the young characters, japan has almost no taboos in many different kinds of media but in society they are one of the most respectable, kind, and polite people. i mean if you look crazy in japan nobody will judge。


Cat4534d ago

It's interesting from a art historical perspective, as well - I wonder if they have clauses explaining away Caravaggio's or nude cherubim.

Asuka4534d ago

I know for real. Sad thing is, these guys are serious -_-