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FMA's Irie Confirms Animating Manga's End in 2 Months

ANN: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood director Yasuhiro Irie has confirmed on his Twitter account on Thursday that original manga creator Hiromu Arakawa has planned out the final manga installment.

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Ngai4531d ago

I liked the 'original' series better, but Brotherhood is getting better with every episode.

Reibooi4531d ago

I never understand when people say they liked the first series better.

The first series barely followed the manga and the bits that it does follow were done WAY better in Brotherhood. The entire scene of Ed and Al committing the taboo of trying to bring thier mother back is given MUCH more attention in Brotherhood and is far more graphic and dramatic and hits you harder then it does in the original series. It is also given much more time as it happens over the course of a entire episode and a half as opposed to just half a episode like the orignal.

On top of that little things like the animation are MUCH better in Brotherhood and it's much longer and therefore has more for fans to enjoy. I really don't see why people think it's not better then the original.

stb4527d ago (Edited 4527d ago ) is going just like this.... manga > FMA > Brotherhood..why, just for the fact of the first having double the emotion, the animation and in top the epic-ness....Its achievement and praise doesn´t left behind and that says enough to anyone...

First one did what this adaptation would never by now, and for the opinion, the plot was more intrans and darker FMA, the end of the first FMA was schock-some, even the movie made it more epic..doubt this end for this adaptation will be any better but brotherhood hasn´t end yet and if the end will be the same as the manga then it is ok to say it will be one hello of an end..
For animation, first one win, no one can´t discuss that, even the art of the first one win, ed and mainly roid doesn´t have the same facial architecture in brotherhood..and a bunch of other characters.

Example here >>>

Intro&ending were even better in the first than the second, and the characters had more emotion into it, when nina died, or when ed got the arm destroyed...just wow, maybe brotherhood has some more fight scene, not being the same for FMA original, but again with the fight that were in the original like glutony and the homunculus kid was enough to kill the mood, haven´t seen a fight like that yet in brotherhood. For me, up until now Brotherhood didn´t live up to what the manga, but at least it show some stuff animated...better read the manga all over instead the anime..then watch the anime for good, since it is not bad though.

fatstarr4531d ago

brotherhood is so great.
i wish it would last longer. its the best anime out so far for the past 2 seasons. when naruto and bleach and other animes weren't delivering fmab was right there.

to me fma original and fmab are so close i cant tell which one is better.
once i see how fmab ends i will be able to tell.

Barbapapa4531d ago