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White Album's squishy sprites are visual novels' future

Technology is on the side of people who would like to see some hot 2-D moving action outside of the passive anime medium, and it seems Aquaplus are positioned to provide, with their upcoming PlayStation 3 visual novel White Album. Using the magic of electro-powered computator technologizing, Aquaplus have given their sprites not just the ability to blink or flap their lips, but to fidget. Just check out a promotional video below to see the future on display.

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Reibooi4531d ago

This is a very simple way to add alot of life into visual novels. I would love to see more studios start doing it.

Gestalt4526d ago

Looks very interesting. Hopefully it can expand to full-on body movements in the future.

Godmars2904530d ago

This technique has been on the PC for years, and should have been used in Disgaea 3.

stb4527d ago

Humble opinion, this series was bad around, just plain boring, just wasn't my cup of coke.