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Be honest: You kind of want this Ramen spoon/fork thing

Dale North of Japanator writes, "There's no need to feel ashamed to want this utensil for your personal ramen eating use. Hey, I grew up in Japan, am well-versed in the art of hashi use, and have downed many a bowl of ramen in my day. But the westerner in me cries out when I slurp noodles into my face. My inner westerner cowers in public when I have to wipe my face from the splashback. And the bowl-to-face thing? It feels like the dish version of Face Palm when eating here in the West."

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Cat4530d ago

Soooo....can we call it the latest in spork technology?

Barbapapa4530d ago

next is a spoon and fork attached to the ends of chopsticks.

Cat4530d ago

I had to Google, and now...quel horreur!

iforgotmylogin4530d ago

This is pretty cool. I actually want to try it out.