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Viz Media Looking to Simulcast Bleach?

Viz Media is offering up a poll on their VizAnime site where they're asking the question as to whether fans want to see new episodes of Bleach as they air in Japan simulcast in the US.

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Reibooi4530d ago

Unless they were planning to Simulcast with a dub(which is basically impossible) I wouldn't really care about this. I am a HUGE bleach fan however the dub for the show is in my opinion much better then the original Japanese(with the exception of a few minor characters that don't even appear that often).

I know there are plenty of fans who would love to see this happen however. It is somewhat annoying that it's slow going getting the series here. However I am happy that we are getting a TV hearing and having talked with Chris Smith(a voice actor who has recently been cast for the new filler arc) He assures me it will be back on Adult Swim some time around the fall of this year.

iforgotmylogin4530d ago

i personally dont get it.
i watch anime illegally and download fandubs but I buy the dvds of somethings that i like too much...

im actually quite impressed with adult swims grasp on the series because i vividly remember watching that same ep in Japanese like a year and a half ago. i say if viz and all these other companies want to make a dent they sign deals with some network to simulcast on air. forget the mainstream.

Archaic4530d ago

And so the dubby/subby debate continues.

While there's certainly a market for dubs of shows that hit the mainstream, the piracy that is going on is primarily amongst those who have demonstrated their willingness to watch subs. The simulcasts should help to counter those. Dub fans tend to be more patient in waiting for DVD's and TV broadcasts.

tayz4529d ago

I think they should simulcast the sub and the dub to combat the piracy. it would be to there advantage, i dont know why they let subbers release episodes before themselves

Archaic4529d ago

It's not so much a matter of "letting" them do it. They can't really stop it, and it's a lot quicker to produce just a sub than it is to do anything else. Hell, skilled fansubbers have been known to get the process down to less than an hour for your standard length episode. Hard to compete with that.

Simulcasting a dub for a new series of normal (11-26) length is possible, though difficult, as it requires the company to take on a lot of risk, essentially dubbing a series before it's even proved itself popular.

Simulcasting a dub for a continuing series with lasting popularity, like Bleach, should make a lot more sense from a risk perspective. However, it represents a significant pressure on the dub voice actors, as they'd need to essentially be dubbing at twice the speed they're currently doing for however many months it takes for them to catch up all the episodes between where they were and the start of the simulcasts, and then they'd have to continue dubbing with high levels of time pressure. How many days is it after an episode is completed before it's broadcast? With some shorter series, I've heard that the turnaround was as little as a few hours befoe broadcast (Bakemonogatari). When would the dubbers actually be able to get their hands on the episode to work with? I'd imagine the time pressures are just too intense there.