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Three new manga volumes announced by Viz Media

Viz Media has announced new manga releases for the remainder of 2010. The first two are releases of Pokémon Adventures volume 9 and volume 10. The two are set for an October and December release, respectively. Volume 10 of Pokémon Adventures introduces Satoshi Yamamoto's art style to US audiences for the first time; the first nine volumes had Mato as the artist.

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Myst4591d ago

Pokemon is just going places jeez...With free time this summer I should probably go through and watch as many episodes as possible as well as read as much manga as possible.

Archaic4591d ago

The scary thing is...even with that much free time on your hands, you probably wouldn't get any reasonable fraction through the series unless you're doing nothing but eat, sleep, and Pokémon. The amount of material that's built up in the franchise is simply staggering.

Myst4591d ago

That is quite scary, though I know I can skip the first portion that was released back in the early 90s[I believe?]. Debating whether or not to actually do just anime or manga now, since I've only been reading manga for the past few days. Seeing as it's faster to read and get the story than it is to watch.

RexRacer4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

Personally, I think the manga is better than the anime is at this point. I'm probably biased in that I think that the new anime series is one of the more boring aspects of Pokemon, but the manga is phenomenal. You should definitely try and read it at some point.