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Bandai Responds to Bang Zoom Podcast Comments

Mania writes, "Anime News Network recently had a podcast in which they had on Eric Sherman of Bang Zoom who made some waves with his "Anime - R.I.P." editorial on their company site. That was the genesis for getting him on and he painted a fairly bleak picture for a lot of the industry and the opening tweets by one of the hosts went like this..."

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Hitman07694597d ago

Bandai Just answered their own thoughts, wonder if they expected that?

Reibooi4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

I honestly think Bandai is trying to hide the fact that what Eric said is true. It's pretty much a known fact that Bandai is in deep trouble at this point. The only thing they have licensed in the past year or so is the 2nd season of Haruhi along with Haruhi-chan as well as the movie. Eric hinted that they have 1 more license(which is being rumored as either Summer Wars or K-ON!) and that all they have is riding on these titles doing well and if not then they are done.

I would tend to agree with him. They have really been doing nothing but trying to get Gundam and Code Geass on DVD and even those boxes were delayed over and over again despite the dubs for the shows being done(which would mean they probably had financial reasons for the delays). The promise they made a few years ago of "Any Blu-ray that comes out for our shows in Japan we will bring here" has pretty much died as Code Geass, Gundamn and many other shows are on Blu-ray and all we are getting is the retardedly messed up Kurokami release.

They haven't been licensing much despite there being ALOT of good licenses which normally is the death signal for a anime company. So while I can understand they wanting to run damage control I think what Eric said is right and that if Haruhi doesn't sell well enough they may just leave the market.