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Cat Shit One...It's Happening!

Scott Green writes: "Remember the trailer with the private military contractor bunnies shooting the camel terrorists that came out of last year's Tokyo Anime Festival? I'd been pessimistic about this Cat Shit One animated project coming to fruition... looks like I was wrong.

Director Kazuya Sasahara from Studio Anima has confirmed that the first episode of the CG series will be completed by August of this year. Currently, it is targeted for a Japanese release, with international plans yet to be formed. Scheduling for episode two is also still undecided."

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Tetsuryu4528d ago

I've always wondered how the original name of the series came to be.

Archaic4528d ago

Indeed. It's odd to say the least.

Ngai4528d ago

Why did i read Cait Sith..

Myst4527d ago

Never really heard of this serious before :| gotta at least give it a try after I finish Bakuretsu Tenshi.

Barbapapa4526d ago

looks epic for rabbits as characters.