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Senkō no Night Raid's 7th Episode Streamed, Not Aired

The official website of the Senkō no Night Raid anime series has announced on Monday that it will stream the seventh episode ("Jihen"/Incident) instead of having it air on television. The episode depicts the point of view of the Japanese in Manchuria during the events leading up to the 1931 Mukden Incident. The alleged sabotage of Japan's railway in this area of China was the pretext for Japan's invasion of Manchuria that same year.

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Myst4522d ago

Have no idea what this anime is about, but I am certainly interested from the picture alone. Seems like it might be a comedic action title.

Archaic4522d ago

I haven't seen much of it yet, but it seemed to be a much more serious title from what I saw. Certainly don't see how they can have an episode on a topic like this without approaching it seriously.

Myst4522d ago

It is? Hmm interesting, will I've been watching I'm starting a comedic and slightly serious one. So be good to see a serious one I suppose when I'm done with it.