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Terrible dormitory’s at Kyoto University

Think your universities dormitory is bad?. Well it can’t be as bad as Kyoto Universities Yoshida-ryo dormitory...

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Myst4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

Wow! From first glance it makes me not want to study abroad in a year, but something in the back of my head tells me that this is probably one case out of a lot of other dormitories that are nice.

Reibooi4587d ago

While that does indeed look bad one has to consider the insanely cheap price for staying there. 2500 Yen is a little more then 25 bucks and that for a months stay is REALLY cheap. I am sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to stay there if it meant saving money.

Archaic4587d ago

Damn, that's like an order of magnitude less than what I was paying for a (heavily subsidised) 1DLK while I was over there studying. That's ridiculously low. Of course, in those conditions, it'd have to be. I do wonder what will happen to some of the more poor students after they demolish this place though. Will they still be able to provide accommodation that they can afford?