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Power Rangers Re-Acquired by Saban for TV Run on Nick

The media company Saban has re-acquired the rights to the live-action special-effects franchise Power Rangers from Walt Disney Company, and a new season will run on the Nickelodeon channel in the United States in the first quarter of 2011. Power Rangers is loosely adapted from Toei's 35-year-long Super Sentai Series franchise of costumed heroes.

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Tetsuryu4585d ago

Couldn't find a decent YouTube OP that wasn't embedded disabled, I was going to replace the current one with the one attached below. Too late now lol.

On topic: I remembered majority of the boys around my age at the time wanted to be like Jason or Tommy. Speaking of Tommy...

Archaic4585d ago

Considering that Jason David Frank (Tommy) has gone on recently to become an MMA fighter, and owns Rising Sun Karate, which teaches a form that he himself developed... I'd say that more than a few young guys would still want to be like him. ;)

jwalkerz4585d ago Show
Myst4585d ago

A blast from the past..?

tayz4585d ago

wow! there making a new one of these? best show ever right here!

no_more_heroes4585d ago

my childhood consisted of three things:

Super Mario/Duck Hunt
Power Rangers
Knight Rider

I grew up on these things and loved them to death.

Here's a fun fact, my (still favorite) helper at the time beat Mario on the NES before I did. She even knew where to find the portals that took you to worlds 6, 7 and 8!

She was really good at it!

Gestalt4584d ago

Ah, the good old days.