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Dragonball Z to be rereleased on Blu-Ray

Dragonball Z, a wildly popular anime series spanning 291 episodes and 13 movies, is being released Tuesday, May 18th to Blu-Ray disc. Funimation, the American distribution company with the rights to Dragonball Z is releasing the anime title as Dragonball Z Kai.

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klado4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

Interesting, tho shame, I already have it

jwalkerz4523d ago

this is a blu ray version the other dragon ball z that was remaster was a dvd version

klado4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

If this version does bring me all the dub out there version into it, then it could be something to have, as of now, I have the TRIAl audio Latin spanish - Japanese - English(worst dub) version which make me happy enough...but there it goes, everything or nothing.

Reibooi4523d ago

Alot of people still seem to not know exactly what Dragon ball Z Kai is.

DBZkai is not just another re release. It is a completely reedited version of DBZ that removes all the filler and follows the manga much more closely. In addition to that the entire show was remastered(yet again) and new OP and ED sequences were animated with new songs as well. The voice overs were also re done in both Japanese and English.

The end result is a much more stream lined version of the show that won't take forever to watch and is much closer to the original Manga in terms of storyline and content.

Those that say they don't want to buy because they have the series already should really rethink that. If you are really a big fan of the show DBZkai is the definitive version of the show and is basically the best way to watch it as all the filler is gone and it's now in HD(although again it's mostly remastered so it doesn't look THAT good but still better then everything else that's out there)

klado4523d ago

To pick it up, left it at the 7th episode, though watching the original version then this to get what was behind the scene to be cut down.

Myst4523d ago

I should probably buy the Kai blu-ray later on. Last DBZ thing I bought was the beginning of android saga on VHS lol.