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Vasoon Animation Previews Line-Up: Deity Hunters, Ksitigarbha And Legend 333

The Beijing-based studio is developing three traditional animated film with each presenting a unique visual style and in various stages of production. These include Deity Hunters (神猎) aka God Hunters - a strange new twist on the legend of Wukong (the Monkey King), Ksitigarbha (地藏) - a semi sci-fi cautionary tale with Buddhist overtones and Legend 333 (魁拔) aka Kuiba - an oriental fantasy adventure for kids...

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klado4525d ago (Edited 4525d ago )

Interesting if you ask me, never knew about this studio before, hoping to watch these movies in the near future.

Edit: now seen these trailers second to last , being the last the most nearest to jap's Style, but the second has some good details into it, like me some good original stuff once in a while in the animation's world.

klado4525d ago

The last looks a lot like Avatar the last airbender...that recalls me of buying the series.

Archaic4525d ago

The real question here I suppose we actually class Chinese (or Korean, for that matter) produced animated series as anime?

klado4525d ago (Edited 4525d ago )

But one sure thing is, those movies sure will reach japan's cinema as well, so guess they can be tagged as such, read china is doing some move toward anime, just like korea with manhwa, but if you ask me, it is all the same.

jwalkerz4525d ago

anime stand short for animation does it not

Archaic4525d ago

That is the origin of the word, correct. However, there is much debate amongst many fan groups just how distinct anime is from other animation works, even those from other Asian countries. You might be surprised just how much of the actual animation is done for most Japanese anime in places like South Korea, however the production (in terms of storylines, voices and planning) is still all done in Japan.

stb4525d ago

What about Avatar the Last Airbender, can that be tagged anime just stand too much out to be just another plain american toon.

Reibooi4525d ago

As far as I am aware for something to be classified as anime it has to follow 2 rules.

Was it made in Japan? If yes move on to question 2.

Was it made for the Japanese Market? If yes it's anime if not then it's not.

Now considering nearly every piece of animation that comes out of Japan follows those rules it's quite handy.

Something from other parts of the world no matter how much they may look or be influenced by anime they cannot by definition be anime.

While it is true the word anime is a shorting of the word Animation there is a bit more to it.

Back before anime was called anime people would refer to it as Japanese Animation. Over time that simply shorted to Anime and the Japanese removed as the word itself came about as a way to distinguish between normal animation and Japanese animation so having the word Japanese in a word created to dictate something as Japanese made no sense.