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California's FanimeCon to Host J-Rock Band FLOW

FanimeCon has announced that it will host the J-Rock band FLOW at the May 28-31 convention in San Jose, California. FLOW has performed theme songs for Naruto, Naruto Shippūden, Code Geass, Eureka Seven, Persona -trinity soul-, and Heroman. The band will be performing on Friday, May 28, as part of the FanimeCon's 2010 MusicFest.

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klado4584d ago

Love me some girugamesh or umm...the gazzete.

Tetsuryu4584d ago

Never heard of them.

Off topic: How does one tag a band? Or does it go under the 'Anime person' category as a single entity and checked off as composer/artist?

I wish there were more tag options, I'm surprised there isn't one specifically for games.

Myst4584d ago

Yeah I'd assume so composer/artist until they can make a more sufficient tagging system for the likes of other things.

Anyway hope more J-Rock bands come over, want to hear some Ellegarden.

Gestalt4574d ago

San Jose?!

If only I wasn't doing final exams that very week, then I would go!