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Editorial: A Question for Fansub Supporters

So it seems that fansubs have become a big topic of debate yet again among Internet anime fans, thanks to a recent message to fans from Eric P. Sherman, President and CEO of Bang Zoom! Entertainment. In his message, Sherman described the state of the anime industry in North America, claiming that, if fans don't stop downloading fansubs, "anime will die." A bold claim to be sure, but does it hold some truth?...

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Reibooi4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

The simple question here is. Was Eric over reacting with "Anime Will Die"?

No he wasn't. You needn't look further then what happened Geneon, and ADV. Both would never have gone under had all the people who were watching Fansubs were buying their DVD's instead. That is no exaggeration. Now sure ADV was able to avoid total death and reformed as Sentai Filmworks and Section 23 but they are merely a shadow of their former self.

The same thing is now happening to companies like Bandai and Media Blasters and we are beginning to see worrying signs that it may even be happening to VIZ. Now once the US anime market is gone those fan subs will start killing the Japanese anime market(which they already are btw) It would merely be a matter of time until the industry just couldn't take it anymore and the market would crash.

Fansubbers come up with tons of reasons for why the make fansubs and the most popular of which is they raise awareness of a series and boost sales. Which is the biggest BS ever. Why would anyone buy something when you just allowed them to view the entire thing online for free? Even bigger problems is that fan sub groups often don't care if something is licensed or not and will continue to sub something despite it's being licensed in the US. Dance in the Vampire Bund is a good example of this.

The bottom line is that fans need to suck it up and buy something(which shouldn't be a problem if you are a fan). Anime is not nearly as expensive as it used to be so price isn't even a excuse. You can get entire series off of for about 30 dollars less if it's on sale which is quite often. Without money flowing into the industry it will die and watching fan subs not only doesn't put money into the industry in any way shape or form but it actually takes away from the industry in the case that the show is available online for free on legal sites that would gain money from the ad revenue.

Gestalt4519d ago

It's a shame. Everybody flocks to the free these days. The few of us who actually do BUY our goods (even suffering the weird glances from the people standing in line behind us at the local Best Buy, since I live across the street from one and had an impulse spending spree) are getting the short end of the stick.

It's shame that C&Ds can't be issued over licensed animes.

klado4521d ago

Tell that to the world...

Me for an side get pissed by that but for the others side not neglecting I have downloaded a couple of series since there have never reached here and neither would as well, so for the statement, I would gladly like to pay for these stuff that I have downloaded(not being through the net) if these series can reach my country as well, but nonetheless that hasn't and won't happen for a good while...

But if the industry is truly dying as you are stating there, time for see them doing some moves against, like the comics industry does, haven't catch a single comic of a series online, so why not manga or anime!!! guess they just don't give sht to it.