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Summer 2010 Anime Season Release

The first version chart of the summer anime season has been released...

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jwalkerz3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

heres also a trailer of some of the anime of 2010

klado3897d ago

Very very Imterested in high School of the Dead.

Manga is quite fresh

Reibooi3897d ago

After having seen the trailer for High School of the Dead I think it's not gonna be as good as it could have been. The series looks to be focusing to much on boobs and fanservice instead of the interesting zombie high school premise which is a real shame. It's still to early and it's possible the trailer is a good representation of the series but we will see I guess.

klado3897d ago

It undeniably will still be one of the best release in this summer period!!!, and a bit of boing boing won't make me fall off for it.

fatstarr3897d ago

Hmm i like this list. I cant wait usually i don't pay attention to summer releases.

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