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Anime News Network: Hell Girl: Two Mirrors DVD Collection 1 Review

Having already established its own unique set of rules and expectations in season one, season two of Hell Girl is free to exploit them however it will. Surprisingly few episodes follow the series' basic plot pattern; you know, the one where some fundamentally decent person is subjected to the foul ministrations of a depraved, selfish or plain evil individual until they need resort to the supernatural offices of Ai Enma. Instead the episodes play with the series' self-made conventions, adding wrinkle after sadistic wrinkle to its standard narrative.

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Reibooi4517d ago

I will be picking this collection up but will not be watching it. I'm hoping if enough people buy it Sentai will do a dub and bring back Brina Palencia. She did such a incredible job in season 1 that I honestly can't think of anyone else as Ai Enma.(and this is coming from someone who LOVES her Japanese voice actress.)

It's also quite sad to see they were lazy with the subs. I thought Sentai was past this but it appears not. Just another reason to hope for a dub in the future.