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Anime News Network: Redline Review

Redline was in development for over half a decade, finally being released several years later than originally planned. Given that it's the directorial debut feature of Takeshi Koike (key animator on The Animatrix, Dead Leaves and Samurai Champloo, and director of the short OVA Trava – Fist Planet) it seems slightly unusual that MADHOUSE allowed the production to drag on for so long, and presumably swallow up a hefty budget. All of which begs one obvious question – was it all worth it?

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Tetsuryu4573d ago

I got flashbacks of Dead Leaves after watching that trailer.

Reibooi4573d ago

Yeah definitely has a Dead Leaves vibe going on there. Makes sense it's Directed by the key animator from Dead Leaves.

These kind of reviews really annoying me though. They are telling us about these incredible movies and we can't see them anywhere and may never be able to see them legally. While there is a good chance Summer Wars is going to be licensed(or already has if the Funi rumors are true) and Eva 2.22 is a given a movie like Redline has much slimmer chance of coming out legally stateside.

These reviews are basically THIS IS AWESOME AND YOU CAN'T SEE IT!!! Really annoys me.