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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR to disband

The six-member band HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR announced on Wednesday that they have decided to break up, citing differences in their attitudes towards music and their goals for the future.

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Reibooi4512d ago

I honestly think this is a delayed result of Maki leaving awhile back.

She was a big part of the band and who they were and when she was their everyone pretty much agreed on their direction for future albums. However when she left after getting married and Halca joined it seems as if they stopped being able to agree on the direction the band should take. The latest album while pretty good wasn't nearly as good as the albums when Maki was lead singer. it really seems as if Maki was the glue holding High and Might Color together.

Really is a shame. They were one of my favorite bands.

klado4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

So, can J-rock, or j-music stuff be written here too?

Imo, every band in japan can disband..whatever, never have get into their music, as gothic-metalhead, but there are some j rock band that rock it, little but some.

Tetsuryu4512d ago

I'm not sure who would disagree with you for asking a question. Though Archaic would definitely have an answer for that. The only reason I submitted this was because the band is fairly relevant to the anime industry.

Archaic4511d ago

AnimeShinbun is being billed as a place for news of "Anime, manga and Japanese popular culture", so J-pop and J-rock are most certainly suitable. Hell, I'd even be willing to see stuff about some J-drama being posted up.

Myst4512d ago

*Cries softly for a few moments before slowly sinking from the chair and crying some more*

Gestalt4511d ago

Well... this is certainly very... saddening. ='(