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Shanghai Expo Pays $3.2 Million for Plagiarized Japanese Song

The Shanghai World Expo will pay 300 million Japanese yen (approximately US$3.2 million) to Japanese singer Maya Okamoto for plagiarizing her song, according to a report published on Japanese news websites last week.

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Gestalt4513d ago

The Chinese seem to have a very IRRITATING habit of ripping off songs from other countries. I just sat with my parents watching CCTV and they just ripped off HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, for ****'s sake.

Archaic4512d ago

What, seriously? Got a source for that? It's not really relevant to post as a story here, but it's certainly something I'd like to read up on. That's just outrageous.

Gestalt4510d ago

Hard to say, they're a dime a dozen. It was on one of China's oh-so-many reality TV shows (I think they were at Disneyland China) that they have these days.

But, when on a trip to China two years ago with my parents, they ripped off a song from Disney's Tarzan (the part where Terk and rest of them end up in the humans' camp and started singing? Yeah, that song).

Being an ABC, it disgusted me. Horrible business practices are everywhere to be seen from the "homeland". And personally, I wouldn't give more of a .02 cents on it if they didn't try to rip off Hatsune Miku. But they did. And that's sort of where I drew the line.

klado4512d ago

Needing the source for that Gestalt, where did you read it?

Reibooi4512d ago

Does this really surprise people? China is the THE hub of bootlegging and illegal copying. Anyone who reads Japanprobe would probably know about the themepark in China that ripped off Disney World and all of it's characters. Literally every character was a crappy hack job from Disney right down to the 7 little dwarfs. It really doesn't surprise me.

klado4512d ago

Hell...and I thought other countries were worser.