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Crunchyroll asks fans for help to aquire Bleach

Following on from a poll the other day, Crunchyroll have now setup a petition to get 100,000 signatures and help it aquire the rights to simucast Bleach.

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klado4518d ago

Changed the URL, then need the tittle that I took from the others site's forum to be changed in concord, or can it stay like it is?, wanted to ask this quite a while but.

Archaic4517d ago

Where possible, the title and description from the original site should be used, but in this instance the way you've done things is fine.

Reibooi4517d ago

Wasn't Viz themselves asking fans if they wanted them to simulcast Bleach not to long ago? What makes CR think that they will get the simulcast rights over the company that has the Manga and anime rights?

Personally I don't like CR all that much. Their quality isn't that great(even for their so called HD streams) and last I knew most companies that Simulcast with them LOST money which is why there were very few shows simulcast this season as opposed to last season and the one before. Japan is quickly finding out it's not worth it.

Archaic4517d ago

How exactly could they lose money on them? Crunchy may have, but the production companies themselves would've walked away with the license fees and be in the black.

Reibooi4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

I'm not exactly sure on the details. But if you watch one of the episodes of the ANNcast over on ANN. Justin(who works with streaming and at one point in his career worked at CPM so he knows his stuff) said the reason this season has barely anything on CR is because nearly everyone who put a show on there last season lost money on it.

The reason I could think of is seeing as CR is only getting the streaming rights they are not paying a large amount and is instead paying based on views and if the amount isn't high enough the companies who have to get the material ready for CR and send to them would lose money.

As I said I'm not going to pretend I know exactly what happens with that. But I know Justin(as I said who knows what he is talking about) said the studios was losing money. I trust him and his experience in the industry.

If you can think of another good reason why 90% of the shows this season haven't been streamed on CR like seasons past I'd be glad to hear it.

EDIT: After doing a bit of looking around I found that CR doesn't sub everything themselves. Alot of it is pre subbed by the studio's which obviously costs them money. That being the case if the show does not get enough views the studio would lose money on it. This was the case with most of the shows last season and is the main reason why alot of the shows this season are not on CR.

Reibooi4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Ok for those who are interested I went and listened to some of the older ANNcasts and found out a bit about CR how they work and why there are so few Simulcasts.

First and foremost is that CR DOES NOT pay up front for a license. They are given the rights and they pay the studio or licensee based on how well the show performs. So the money people seem to think the studios get from CR licensing a show doesn't even exist as it's a percentage deal based on how well the show performs on CR. If you want to hear that yourself go to the ANNcast Archives and listen to the 10minute mark of the episode Doing a Daryl Roll and Justin talks about it. Basic breakdown is that most will go to Funimation and ask if they are interested(as Funi DOES pay money up front) and if they say no they basically go to CR.

As for this season. Last season almost every show didn't make back the money it cost to sub title it. Be that on the studios end or on CR's(it depends on who subtitled CR does some but alot comes from the studio doing the anime). A episode on CR needs to get about 30k to 40k views to make back the money and none of them(aside from stuff like Naruto) ever come close to that. So at the end of the day if the show doesn't get the views the companies are in the red and CR is not(because as I mentioned they DO NOT pay up front it's a % deal based on views). Simualcasting is a bit more difficult to do being that the shows are needed to be up on CR as soon as possible after the Japanese airing and getting the people and resources to do that isn't cheap.

Anyone who wants to listen to the podcast can go to

They start talking about this at around 18:55.

Archaic4516d ago

Honestly, even if they did lose on the CR stuff...I'm still not convinced that means the streaming model is a dud. The implementation Crunchyroll has may be, but not the streaming model itself.

Don't Crunchy do the subs themselves though, for series that aren't affiliated with some company already publishing DVD's? I'm sure I heard of them hiring people for that a while back. Or was that something they haven't done yet, but were planning to?

Tratious4517d ago

I actually don't really like CR either, but I am gonna spread the link for the petition because more anime legally is good for everyone.

fatstarr4517d ago

yea i totally respect cr they may suck but they are trying to make a difference
i remember when they used to be pirate city. but its a first step i rather see a simulcast on adult swim that would be so dope but that would never happen.

pinkyxyz4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

dont want crunchyroll to aquire the rights for the show, As i do buy all of the boxsets for bleach and such,i dont want to have to wait an extra week to see a new episode (crunchyroll non-premium members have to wait 1 extra week to see new episodes). nothing against the website, but if they aquire the rights than we wont be able to read subtitles from dattebayo fansubs anymore.

Now viz media, I can work with them simulcasting it

dc14516d ago

Thanks for articulating that!

dc14516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

.... disregard.