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Nitro+ Visual Novel Steins; Gate Named One of Famitsu’s Top Games from 2009, US Release on the Way?

Jason Young of GameZone writes: "Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Steins;Gate? Before you begin to wonder, whether or not Famitsu lost their minds for naming this 5pb and Nitro+ bishoujo game among their top games of 2009, heed this: Nitro+ has been famous for creating dark, gritty visual novels such as Saya no Uta, Phantom of Inferno, Chaos; Head, among others that have not only sold successfully in Japan, but have also begun to get localized for fans here in the states."

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Archaic4509d ago

This one doesn't have an anime adaptation, does it? With most visual novels, I'd imagine a related anime or manga being released alongside it would greatly increase their chances of being released, unless they have some kind of gimmick like Phoenix Wright does. I'd think they might test the waters with something like Chaos; Head first, which did get an adaptation that was reasonable well received with fansubs.

rezznik4509d ago

Yah, you're probably right on that. I mean the first game that's going to be released under the partnership is going to be Demonbane. Which got an anime like when, 2004? We'll see though. JAST usually releases games that don't have an anime adaptations, but given Nitro+'s pedigree I won't be surprised to see things like Demonbane and another re-release of the Phantom of Inferno.

Archaic4509d ago

Demonbane was 2006, I think. When did it get licensed though? Honestly, I think they might be shooting themselves in the foot if they're releasing a visual novel based off an older series. They need to either go for a semi-concurrent release in the US with a new series (waiting just long enough to know it'll actually sell well before buying the license and translating), or an "evergreen" series like Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, etc.

Gestalt4509d ago

Saya no Uta and Chaos;Head. Both games are total mind****s. Great games, though.

And... yay, localization! Hopefully they'll put their full efforts into delivering the best localized version possible. :)