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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DLC Now Available

François Chang of DualShockers writes, "The original Phoenix Wright title that released on WiiWare on January 11, 2010 now has a special final episode available for download. Ace Attorney’s new Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes is now available for 100 Wii Points.

Rise from the Ashes takes place two months after the events of last episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. This piece of DLC is the longest episode in the Ace Attorney series to date, spanning ten chapters, including three investigations and seven trials.

Reminder: You must have Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney downloaded to play this piece of DLC."

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Ninferno4515d ago

i will probably be downloading this soon.

Hitman07694515d ago

Woo Looks great! :) I want, I want!

Archaic4515d ago

I remember this case. This was not on the original GBA version of it Japan had, but was on the DS version of the game (which is what I think we got in the west, and Japan got later as part of a best hits release). So not a reason on its own to pick up the WiiWare version, sadly, unless you never picked up a copy of this game originally, or unless you just like swinging that remote and shouting objection....damn, maybe I should get this after all...