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Anime Back on TV?

Back in 2004, anime was airing on multiple television channels. The one channel that was on top was Cartoon Network with the Toonami block. On Saturday nights they had 3 solid hours of anime. When the late night came around the Adult Swim block started with 2 to 3 more hours of anime. 2004 was consider to be the peak of anime on television. Few years have passed and only Adult Swim and SyFy are the ones airing anime once a week at late night.

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Reibooi4576d ago

Well this is a bit of a complicated matter. It's true that if Dragon Ball Z Kai does real well for Nicktoons they could start picking up more anime but the problem with that is that Nicktoons still considers themselves as a kids channel. Meaning anything they would show would be either a show aimed at kids or a show that would be incredibly edited(ala Dragon Ball Kai).

While that would still help to draw in new fans it wouldn't really help people who wanted to see anime on TV because most of us would rather not watch a heavily edited for kids version of a show we love. There is the possibility that Nicktoons could do a Adult Swim kinda thing and air more mature stuff later at night but honestly if they haven't done that yet they probably never will.

I guess the way I see it is it's a good thing if it happens because it will create new fans. But for existing fans it's nothing to really care about because anything else they show would be in a format we would not really want to see.

Archaic4575d ago

Not necessarily. I think there's a lot of "kids" shows out there that would have broader family appeal, and/or that would have nostalgia value to older fans if they were done with proper respect and minimal edits, particularly amongst shoujo anime. Imagine a redub of Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura, for instance. Actually, there's a lot of older anime that the current generation of fans would never have seen, which could be put on TV relatively cheaply (some of which have even already had licensed releases and dubs on DVD), and that would be suitable for kids with almost no changes. Stellvia anyone? Heck, you could probably do something with Princess Tutu even.

Personally, my only issue is that they'd have to dub them to appeal to kids, which immediately reduces them to doing only the most mainstream of new titles really. Still, they kids have to start somewhere.

Reibooi4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

Both Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura where at one point on TV and they were heavily edited because while at face value they seem like kids shows the reality is they aren't. They get into some themes that are quite frankly over kids heads.

I think if shows like that were to be brought back they would be butchered and edited again. For example the Edits to Dragon Ball Kai on Nicktoons are pretty heavy. The episodes seem to be half the length they should be which means they are cutting ALOT of content from a show that already had content cut.(i mean they have 3 commercials for a 30 minute show)

While I agree a show like Stellvia would be able to be aired with minimal edits its also a show that kids would not want to watch. There are points in the show where nothing happens for a couple of episodes in a row and while it's all character development during these times kids won't care. They want things blowing up and people making them laugh.

And cost isn't really something that comes into the equation when demand doesn't exist. Most of the anime that's on TV is that way because the anime companies are paying to have it that way. It's very rarely the other way around. Alot of the older shows you mentioned are owned by Bandai or Sentai Filmworks which quite frankly isn't in any condition to try to get things on TV. If Funimation isn't have alot more anime on TV with their resources it's gonna be nearly impossible for smaller companies like Sentai, Media Blasters or Bandai.

To me I think there are already enough kids show getting kids into anime. There is still stuff like Pokemon airing as well as Yugioh and once the kids get old enough they are gonna wanna see new stuff and that's where the problem comes. There isn't enough anime being aired that's aimed at the older audiences. A few years ago there was a ton(Showtime aired Peacemaker and Chrono Crusade IFC had Gunslinger Gril, Basilisk, Hell Girl, Witchblade, and Speed Grapher, Sci Fi had Tokko, Noein, Gurren Lagann Gundam 00 and Monster). But now it's really only Adult Swim and even they have cut back on Anime showing only 1-2 new shows instead of 3-4 like they used to.

There already hints Sci Fi or Sy Fy or whatever they call themselves may not be getting new anime because Monster is nearing it's end and there has been no mention of other shows they may pick up when they mention shows FAR in advance before. Leading a few to believe once Monster ends they will stop showing anime which makes Adult Swim the last place for more Mature anime fans to go on TV. While kids still have Fox morning cartoon block CW, Nicktoons and Catoon Network for stuff like Digimon Pokemon and Yugioh as well as the new shows 4kids will be releasing soon.

Gestalt4575d ago

I noticed Kai on Nicktoons. I think the reception will pretty much be a hit or miss. I loved DB back in my kiddie days, but now I facepalm every time I see it on American television.

klado4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

Lol, you do!!, I facefist everytime I hear the american dub.