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Hidamari Sketch x★★★ Original Sound Track: Hidamari • Day’s • Night – Review

zzeroparticle writes: "If ARIA’s music can be described as listening to a nice slice of heaven, then Hidamari Sketch’s soundtrack’s firmly deposits me into my happy place. The magnitude to which I enjoy Tomoki Kikuya’s compositions should be evident through this comparison which sets the two franchises worlds apart. Here, Kikuya’s blend of jazz rhythms and minimalist melodies does all right; it’s fun and relaxing to listen to even if it’s not a mind-blowing experience. I enjoyed the melodies in Hidamari Sketch X365 a lot and while the whimsical-ness remains in this third installment, there are a lot more minimalist pieces this time around. Intact is the way the album depicts the day to day lives of Hidamari’s residents, and even if some of the tracks are unremarkable, there are enough delightful pieces for me to give this album a nod of approval."

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