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Has a Video Game, Movie or Television Show Ever Made You Cry?

Jason Young of GameZone asks: "[Chuck's Season Finale] was epic in every sense of the word; and I must admit that even though I saw it coming from a mile away, it didn’t lessen the dramatic effect for me. I still bawled, largely due to the smartly edited composition and the use of Nico Stai’s ‘One October Song.’ That said, this got me thinking about other favorite sad moments in video games and television...What game, television show or movie has made you bawl your eyes out?"

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klado4514d ago

The titanic for movies, video game...ummm maybe a couple of RPG back then at the Ps 1 era, by now there aren't and won't since I only can cry when I get a good hit making my eyes get watery Lol.

Television show...nah.

Hitman07694513d ago

Haha, of course tears of happiness laughing as the bullets are flying and bad guys are dying. Of course!

rezznik4513d ago

For me, Kanon, Air TV, Clannad, and generally anything based off of a nakige has made me cry. Yes, I'm a sap. Deal with it.

Reibooi4513d ago

Movies no.

Games yeah Lost Odyssey, Persona 3(Unlike most I knew what the ending meant) Persona 4(some really sad stuff) FFVII(I was young) alot more just to lazy to list.

TV shows no except for anime which would be Chrono Crusade, Air, Clannad, Rumbling Hearts, Code Geass, Witchblade(don't judge me that show is really sad) I also got a bit teary eyed at the end of Azumanga Daioh because I never wanted it to end.