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Animators: “1 Frame = 1 Hour, 1 Frame = $2″

The plight of Japan’s pathetically paid animators is once again receiving attention, this time from an NHK TV programme which delves into their dismal pay and the increasing pressure of outsourcing to poorer countries.

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klado4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

When did them leap backward from PC drawing to manually? or was it that way always?...I feel the pain of being bad paid for work much more than what you get, drawing frame by frame by a human/mangaka/illustrator/what ever, sounds tough indeed, though thought this was done with some kind of PC tool used for such!!, my support for the drawers.

Archaic4506d ago

I'm not certain, but I believe the colouring and backgrounds are all done by PC, but the line art animation for the characters themselves are still done by hand.

Reibooi4506d ago


Before the digital era everything was done by hand. Line art, Coloring and special effects.

Now the only thing done by hand is Line art which is still a very large part of any show.

Hitman07694506d ago

This is unfair, they should be getting paid more!

BBCnewsrocks4504d ago

The problem is, I doubt people are willing to pay more for it.