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Soulja Boy Does Death Note?

Hit rap artist Soulja Boy has just released a new album titled Death Note. The album’s cover art, at least, clearly makes [...]

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Archaic4513d ago

As I understand from the alt source I just added to this, the artist is getting quite a lot of flak from this. If it had been an actual paid-for album as opposed to some free web giveaway thing, he'd probably in a lot of legal trouble right now.

klado4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

There article's intro at animenation of the guy not knowing who d fck is this guy, uuhm...never head of, sound like a rapper, which for sure PASS.

A death note rap album...thanks kira but die.

Myst4511d ago

I make my return to Anime-Shinbun and this is what I get slapped in the face with D:?


"Alright Ryuk...I'll take the Shinigami Eyes... I'm going to give this punk a Heart Attack."

Thought it was an interesting comment from the alt source.