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Mabinogi Generation 3 Unveiled

Become a Dark Knight or a Paladin . This fantasy MMO will bring uncapped skill levels, a new guild system and cash shop, in addition to generation 3 storyline, in the official launch of Mabinogi. Anything from pets to advantages can be purchased through the cash shop. During the Welcome to Erinn event taking place in the game players just entering the fantasy realm will earn free NX Cash to be spent simply by creating their new character in the game. Even become a Mabinogi mentor and educate others in the game about what you know as everyone attempts to beat the 3rd generation and engages in all the activities that await in Mabinogi.

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Chadness4573d ago

Actually never heard of this. Now I have!

Hitman07694573d ago

Oh yeah, big time interested in this. I can never discover enough MMOs. Anime-style MMOs are often the best.

Gestalt4571d ago

Eh, the population in Mabinogi is quite... lacking. There used to be tons of players in the old days, but now you'd be lucky to see more than 10 people at one time in the starting town.

Not even bots bother with this game anymore.