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The Future of Anime on Adult Swim: What Needs to be Done?

For quite some time it has been rather obvious that Adult Swim seems to be losing its faith in anime. In their defense, the anime block on Saturdays hasn’t done incredibly well the past few years, and so it'd be reasonable for them to slowly phase anime out altogether. With the announcement of three new titles (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kekkaishi, and an unconfirmed show), however, it seems as though Adult Swim may be giving this one last shot after the lackluster performances delivered by Code Geass and Death Note.

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klado4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Enlighten the same thought I have been thinking just late these weeks, I have been dealing with anime since my childhood remembering how great DBZ did to make me a fan of anime, but The deal is, there is no more series than can create such an impact like before, And the will to continue is just fading, what cause this?, just the sense of most series coming out year after year ripping one formule over and over, lets say naruto, peel the ninja stuff off and we have another dragon ball clone{not a bad one though} piece, or bleach, but it is shounen after all, then romance stuff, or ecchi, in resume, some school girl get in love with a girly guy and in the course of 12 to 24 episodes there seem to appear some pantsu shots like they calls it all over again... fans seem to love it, but I just can get over it anymore, series like Ergo proxy and series like that break the monotony, but there kind of serie alike comes one in a year where as the bunch kill it.

No that I stopped liking anime but, just taking most of there stuff with a lofty grain salt , things that family guy, or the simpson, seems to avoid! and guess that is what most viewers are just seeing...the same thing with japan animation, guess I'm understanding why animax has changed so much lately, FMA brotherhood is kinda great, not as the first but there it goes, maybe it should do to abide some spectator over the time the series take some air with the interesting part.