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One Manga among world's 1,000 most-visited websites

One Manga, a scanlation website frequently at the center of discussions about online piracy, cracked Google's newly released list of the world's 1,000 most-visited websites.

Using data compiled from Google's Doubleclick Ad Planner, the list places One Manga at No. 935 with 4.2 million unique visitors each month. The site, which illegally posts translated scans of hundreds of manga titles, ranks higher than,, and -- and, well, countless thousands of others that didn't make the list at all.

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Gestalt4507d ago

May I kindly redirect your attention to MangaToshokan? :)

Used to be a OM regular myself, until the recent "adult manga" incident, then moved to MT, and it's actually quite better than OM.

Not to mention that they have a "favorite manga" and "bookmarks" feature available for use.