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Weekly Naruto: Chapter 496

Before Naruto can save his village and defeat the bad guys, he first must destroy his demons. In the last chapter Naruto finally destroyed his evil side, by reasoning with it. Now he must come face to face with the Nine Tails. Can he overcome his monster that has been controlling him ever since he was a baby? [...]

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klado4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Planning to bring stuff like this, used naruto and not shippuden as tag since only the anime is called shippuden.

Btw it is me or the manga is feeling rushed out already, seem like the creator want to finish once and for all...On topic..., anyway, since it is a part of the kyubi, don't think it would be a great achievement as controling it, but would love to see what he woul become after...

Myst4511d ago

Yeah it seems rushed, but then again past few issues made it seem like Naruto was dragging his feet around. It at least feels a lot better than the Naruto that was sad all the time.