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Hunter x Hunter Manga On Hiatus Again

Siliconera writes: "Hunter x Hunter manga-ka Yoshihiro Togashi is going on hiatus again, according to research by Canned Dogs. Togashi has temporarily cease work following issue 26 of this year’s Shounen Jump magazine."

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klado4571d ago

Really thought to give this a read...shame though, not having time lately for much, and losing love for mangas, only naruto reading lately, and it is cus I pick it weekly, but this manga has some good storyline going around, just like berserk...

Both are in the same status!

Archaic4571d ago

I know the feeling, I've pretty much stopped reading manga except for series that I know are already complete. Of course, I've got a bookshelf full of manga I brought back from Japan that's still unread, so I've probably got a fairly good excuse to not go out getting myself into too many new series anyway. ^^;

wingman32x4569d ago

Lol, Togashi will always be Togashi. At least he lasted more thsn 10 chapters this time :).