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Why Did Manga Collapse Where Other Print Media Didn’t?

Siliconera writes: "Former DC vice president of sales and co-publisher at Yen Press, Rich Johnson, recently wrote at length on the subject of the manga decline over the past three years. In his article, he attempts to discuss just what caused the manga sector to spiral downward the way it did, where American comics and graphic novels still managed to hold their own."

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Reibooi4504d ago

It's simple. Scalation. I'm sure people have seen that a Manga Scalation site is one of the top 1000 sites on the whole internet.

For whatever reason Manga and anime fans feel they are entitled to something regardless if it's been released in their region or if they have the money to pay for it or not. It's what is killing the Manga industry and it's killing the anime industry as well.

It's not a problem for the comic industry because by and large comic fans BUY what they read and as such support the industry. In addition to that companies like Marvel and DC diversify quite a bit with cartoons, Toys and movies that make them millions upon millions.

klado4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Though differing a bit, since marvel and so companies around comic's industry, makes things more approachable for their fans and well, their policy is quite tough, thing lacking for the manga's side so anime's, meaning with, it's a safe bet to mention most stuff coming out of japan relatively news as durara, are not coming out of the nipon's horizon sooner than what fans are willing to wait for, making them just edge over scanlation and so fansubber, fallowing with the side effect that is affecting the industry for so them doing what they do, download and thing is done.

Now if the anime industry truly want to inquire in this side of the world, they sure should be taking some notes from comics industry and makes thing more accessible for fans over the world, and not only wait till some fansub take the lead, for example, why not release a subbed option via a channel for the the news release, should do very well, and sure that could kill most fansub out there, for the manga's side, just don't see any form of how thing could work for it.