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Is Durarara US Bound? Beez and Manga UK Announce Titles

The London MCM Expo is underway and UK fans are rejoicing with a bit of news for new acquisitions by a couple of companies. Manga UK has just tweeted their announcements and they've picked up a good set of titles for release. [...]

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Reibooi4570d ago

I don't know about the possibility. While I would LOVE to see Durarara come out here the fact that the UK release is sub only makes it hard to tell.

Bandai has another hidden license they are gonna release and dub. If that was Durarara then the UK company would more then likely wait for that dub.(and they would know it was happening as well). Seeing as they are not waiting I don't think a dub is coming. Funimation won't release without a dub and Sentai I just don't see getting something as popular as Durarara because they have mostly been sticking to niche titles.

The Aniplex option seems the most likely if the show is gonna indeed be released here but it's too soon to tell. I would bet is someone plans on releasing it be it Bandai, Funi or Aniplex we will hear about it at Anime Expo in July.

wingman32x4569d ago

I think it'll get dubbed eventually. It's popular enough here to make it worth the effort. At least the forum-going audience loves it.