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Japanator Feature: I've created the Anime Watcher's dream rig

Japanator writes: "We've talked at length about anime-watching tech before. Judging from when we asked you earlier, it seems that most of you watch anime on your PC/notebook/monitor, but would be open to watching it on a television if it was cheap and easy. And fully functional."

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Reibooi4573d ago

Personally I think the anime watchers dream should be a Nice big HDTV and a PS3 and watching anime on Blu-ray.

This is more like the anime pirates dream if anything. And even then there are many better ways to do it then what is described here.

Archaic4573d ago

Anime pirates or anime streamers? As bandwidth continues to get cheaper and we move to more digital distribution of titles, setup's like this will become increasingly common.

Gestalt4573d ago

The quality on BluRay is quite amazing. I'd never go back to HD-DVD, but it's just too expensive for me to keep up with it.

Though "cheap, easy, and fully functional" doesn't quite cut it for me. It has to be of reasonable quality as well.