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Anime UK News: Ah! My Goddess [2]: Flights of Fancy #1 Review

Anime UK News writes: "The 'magical girlfriend' genre of anime and manga has been a staple for some time. Ever since Rumiko Takahashi's classic Urusei Yatsura popularised the type, generations of unsuspecting layabouts have found themselves cohabiting with a gorgeous girl with magical powers. One of the best known examples of this genre is Ah! My Goddess. Starting with the 1988 manga (published in English originally as Oh! My Goddess) it was adapted into a popular OAV series and later a theatrically released movie. The series was brought back to the small screen in 2005, when it was adapted into a TV series. This is the first release from the second season (also known as 'Flights of Fancy') and comprises the first eight episodes."

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