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Anime-Planet: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny Review

Anime-Planet: A few years ago, I settled down to watch Ikkitousen: a worthy recommendation with the perverted, martial arts classic Tenjou Tenge. It temporarily satisfied my urge for more panty-flashing, ass-kicking action. For some reason, Dragon Destiny has since been toward the bottom of my list of anime to watch, but maybe the four year delay was a misguided move on my behalf, as I lost track of the plot. Ultimately, the complexity of the Romance of Three Kingdoms element soared above my head at great heights and I desperately struggled to remember which character was a reincarnation of which war lord.

Picking up where Ikkitousen left off, the schools of Kanto are still at warring in an effort to prove their supremacy. As ever, fate and destiny have a strong hand in proceedings and so each player in this battle struggles to overcome their inevitable future.

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Parapraxis4505d ago

LOL, pure pantsu fodder.