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Hot Cosplay of the Week: Fanime Highlights

The Kartel writes: "An event practically bursting with video game, comic, otaku and other geeks cultures, we here at the Kartel faithfully waded through the convention halls to find the coolest, funniest, and of course, hottest highlights of Fanime 2010."

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jwalkerz3059d ago

vanille cosplay is really pretty ^_^

klado3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

This time you went blind or confuse between her and Yoko, because yoko is the hottest&cutest there.

Lololololol at the rend ring of the death, pretty clever.

Archaic3057d ago

So evidently, all we really need to do to grab visitors from N4G and get a bunch of temp is put up things of people in cosplay...should be easy enough. ;)

Barbapapa3057d ago

anime news=50=100degs

hot cosplay=1000degs

klado3057d ago

I noticed too...oh the testosterone.