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GAINAX and Evangelion remakes splitting up?

The impact that GAINAX, Evangelion, and its creator, Hideki Anno have had on the anime industry is huge. From the popular anime series to the recent movie remakes (or sequels, depending on who you ask), there have been few properties that had the influence of Eva.

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Archaic4500d ago

Not sure I'd call this one a rumour personally. Those 2ch guys are obsessive when it comes to this stuff. If they've come to this conclusion, that's good enough for me.

The question then is...if GAINAX isn't involved, what difference, if any, does that make? Did GAINAX actually do the animation for these movies, or had that been put in the hands of other studios under GAINAX "supervision"?

Reibooi4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

I would still call it a rumor. No matter how obsessive certain fans may be they have only things open to the public and wild speculation to come to these conclusions. Until either Anno-san or GAINAX comes forward and says it's true I would label it as rumor.

On topic. As far as I am away GAINAX did most if not all of the key animation for the movies while Anno-san oversaw the other studios involved. While technically as long as Anno-san remains involved with the project it should do fine where ever it goes. That said it could lose part of the feel that makes it what it is if GAINAX doesn't do it.

As I said I would label this as rumor. I don't think anyone (GAINAX or Anno himself) would endanger these remakes by splitting up.(after all 2.22 is the highest selling blu-ray in Japan ever) It would make more sense for Anno-san to stick it out until the movies are done and then leave GAINAX instead of risking his vision for the 4 movies. As it stands it seems Anno-san owns the rights to the movies(or more or less the company outside GAINAX does which is more then likely a front put together to get those rights for him in the first place) and GAINAX only has the rights to the TV anime. Hence Anno-san really has nothing to be worried about. He can do what he wants with the films in the future. So he might as well stick it out and get them done now and splitting up with GAINAX could risk that.

I won't pretend to understand everything going on here. I'm just saying what I have put together with the info out there. One thing that must be kept in mind is that alot of the stuff this article mentions was going on awhile ago(said most of it started around feb 6th.) That was quite awhile ago and we have heard nothing. To me that means this may just be a Rumor. The 2nd movie is out and is doing well. Now would be the PERFECT time for either GAINAX or Anno-san to say they are splitting up and that hasn't happen.

Tratious4499d ago

Anno does not work at Gainax, and has not since 2006 when he founded his new studio, Studio Khara.

Reibooi4498d ago

He does not work AT GAINAX but has been working WITH them for quite awhile.

The issue now is it seems he doesn't even want to work with them and it's starting to seem like GAINAX can do nothing about it as the rights to the movies are not theirs.