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Anime UK News: Fate/stay night #5 Review

Anime UK News writes: "As Shirou ponders the revelations concerning Saber that occurred in the last volume, he struggles to comprehend her reasons for wanting to return and 'fix' her past rather than look forward to the undetermined future. Meanwhile, some odd occurrences are taking place at Shirou's school, with people going into comas. Rin deduces that this must be the work of the last remaining Master residing in Ryudou Temple, whose Servant is Assassin. However, Illya interjects by stating that it is not him, but rather the cause is somebody else from Ryudou Temple. This leads to confusion, as the only known residents of Ryudou Temple are the Servant, Assassin, and his Master. However, Illya reveals two things; there is another Servant residing at the temple who is the real perpetrator, and Assassin is that person's Servant. Her name is Caster."

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