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Mixed Media: 10 Western Video Games that Would Make Great Anime Films

Jamie Block writes: "Here are 10 Western games that I know would make for sweet anime adaptations, ranked from how much I would salivate over it, in ascending order."

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Reibooi4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

That's actually a horrible list.

They basically took popular games and just made a list with em. Not one of those games with maybe one or two exceptions have any reason to be a good anime movie over any other game.

Really how the hell would a LittleBigPlanet anime work exactly? It has no story and it doesn't need to be a anime to be a cute little mascot cartoon type thing.

Splinter Cell? Sure it has a decent enough story but the action scenes would be the most boring things in the world because of the stealth and if they did REAL action scenes most people would complain it wasn't really Splinter Cell(which is a problem people are having with the most recent game).

Oblivion has just a generic story and world. What makes that game great is the game play and exploration. They can't exactly have that stuff in a anime based on it so how would it work exactly?

I could go on but I think you get the point.

Archaic4561d ago

After reviewing the list again (noticed it by chance late at night here and posted it up. ^^; ), I'm inclined to agree. Just because a hardcore action gamer might like it doesn't mean it's going to translate well to anime at all. Though if it did, maybe we'd get more of those people from N4G over here. ^^;

Gestalt4559d ago

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree as well. All those games are horrible candidates. Making them into an anime of all things was furthest from my mind.

Ru4559d ago

A Fable Anime?
I would watch thats!