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Almost Otaku: Is it OK to Cheer On the Bad Guy?

AnimeVice Writes; "Though to be sure, Lupin III's antics are pretty far off from Kira's. Reading some of the comments you Anime Vice lunatics have been making about my DEATH NOTE reviews has been interesting. There’s a lot of disagreement over whether or not it’s OK to root for Kira. Anybody who isn’t a DEATH NOTE fan needn’t worry - - this doesn’t pertain strictly to that show."...

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klado4501d ago

I always sheer on the bad guys since the mighty morph power cr@pe The-bad-always-loose (lets go my friend we can beat him)lol?...fact of bad guys is always there to loose, the fck?, so wanted Kira to win, but at least L was taken out, so no pros.

May sound sadistic, kinda true, another thing why the bunch of series out there tend to fall off of my viewable sight(drop them).

Archaic4501d ago

How can they talk about this and not bring up Lelouch?

Cheering on villains isn't something new to anime. It's honestly nothing more than the fact these characters have an awesome streak to them that makes us cheer them on, I think.

Reibooi4501d ago

I hear alot of people say that but I really don't consider Lelouch as a bad guy you cheer for. I don't think he is much of a bad guy at all.

In Death Note Light after a certain point is just evil. He doesn't care about his family he doesn't care about his friends he just kills without mercy and loses sight of his make the world better cause he had in the beginning. He basically becomes caught up in being a god as opposed to being someone who is making the world better.

In Code Geass it is true that Lelouch does some evil things(especially towards the end) but He isn't ever purely bad.


When Shirley's Father is killed and she tells him it shakes him to the core. To the point he almost gives up on his whole plan. Where as if that were a character like Light he would not have cared.

We see this time and time again through the series with Euphemia, Rolo, Shirley and so on. Everything bad Lelouch does throughout the series is done to reach his goal and he never loses sight of said goal. I think that makes Lelouch a good guy and not really the bad guy people cheer for.

deafwing4500d ago

I watch these shows because of a great villains sometimes ... without one, a show will fail ... For me, Lelouch is more of an anti-hero than villain IMO

edgeofblade4500d ago

Think about Dexter. Is it ok to root for him?

"Protagonist" is simply the character you are made to root for. The antagonist is the foil to that character. Those lines are blurred in much of media... but not here. Kira is very clearly the protagonist and L, Near, and Mello are very clearly antagonists. And Dexter is very clearly the protagonist to whomever is the biggest threat to him that season/book.

klado4500d ago

"Protagonist" is simply the character you are made to root for. The antagonist is the foil to that character.

Those lines kills a serie for me, nor that it is a bad thing but, the trend is so fried out, don't posses word to express it, That is why death note was so great in my mind.

Does exist a character which can be describe as the Protagonist so the objector of the series!Cus thinking that would be more suitable for kira than anything.

Gestalt4500d ago

Bad guys? No.

Anti-heroes? Yes.