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2nd Man Arrested for Uploading Anime via Perfect Dark

The Sports Nippon newspaper reports that Kyoto's High-Tech Crime Task Force has arrested a 43-year-old self-employed man named Noriaki Matsumoto on Thursday for allegedly uploading anime online, without the copyright holders' permission, using the Perfect Dark file-sharing software...

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Xof4501d ago

Well, if the industry wants to kill piracy, the uploaders are the people to target.

Get rid of those guys, though, and I have a feeling the overseas market would suffer, as a great many of us rely upon pirated video to determine what to buy, what to be interested in, etc. God knows, I'd never have fallen in love with Macross, Galactic Heroes, Clannad, Patlabor, Spice & Wolf or Aria if not for piracy.

klado4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

That is you and a minimal amount of people, of people who use piracy to then buy are of the 10% in a scale to 100, the rest just download and that is it, tells that, since I can take myself as an example, I used to download all the time(low quality episode around 50mb each), but now tend to buy what I Like, Eureka 7, wolf rain, etc, but like I say up there, few are the people who do that way.

Myst4501d ago

Whoa I've been away from Shinbun in a while but it appears as if things are getting quite serious. I'm guessing they are trying to quell the uploading as much as possible so that sales at least rise a bit more?

Archaic4501d ago

They're not exactly targeting the overseas fan market with this. Most fansub groups haven't used Perfect Dark to get their raws for a long time now, and there's a lot more reliance on dedicated cappers who give their raws to only those fansub groups. What's really being targeted here is the Japanese domestic market. The profit margins on DVD's and Blu-Ray's there are significantly higher, and the caps appearing on Perfect Dark really do bite into their sales. Of course, perhaps the real problem there isn't that there's pirates, but that the ridiculously high prices for even standard editions are driving people to piracy. They'd be better off reducing the prices on discs and hiking them slightly on all the merchandise IMO.

Xof4501d ago

Japanese market prices are insane. The Gundam Unicorn blu-ray that was released over here a couple months ago was selling with an MSRP of $50. For $50 minutes of footage--no special features. No digital copy. Just 50 minutes.

Even the discounted pre-order price, $15 off, was pretty steep in my book. The whole thing was even MORE expensive in Japan.

Gestalt4501d ago

The problem is that people still buy it up. That's why they can afford to keep prices like that.