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One Fan’s Opinion: Is the Rebuild of Evangelion Really a Remake?

AnimeVice Writes; "There has been a lot of talk recently about the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies actually being a sequel to the original Eva series. Now I know most of you are probably shaking your heads right now or throwing your keyboard, but I think I should take a stab at this since I doubt the Mythbusters will ever tackle this issue. Can the Rebuild of Evangelion really be a remake? Short answer, yes."...

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Xof4487d ago

But I really like it!

Of course, any theory that makes EoE a bit less depressing is a huge win in my book. Also: I've only seen 1.11, but I'm not sure the water is blood... I thought the reddish tint was just a trick of the light. Will definitely watch again with this theory in mind.

By the way, anyone happen to know when 2.22 is getting a stateside release? (Blu-Ray?)

klado4487d ago

Why just don't watch it only in a streaming, etc download elsewhere, then buy the dual Release?, doubt that release will be coming soon, so try to go with that.

Is what I'll do, haven't yet watch the movie though.