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ANN to Stream 1,000+ Anime Episodes Throughout Summer

Anime News Network has announced the launch of its new custom video player, as well as new content agreements and multiple new streaming anime series, on Thursday. The launch title for the player is Funimation's motorcycle sci-fi action series Blassreiter, which is being streamed with episodes 1-4 dubbed and 1-24 subtitled.

ANN's first license directly from Japan, Nobody's Boy - Remi, will also launch on June 13, with five new episodes released every Sunday for 10 weeks. The 51-episode series, originally released on demand by ImaginAsian Entertainment in 2007, revolves around the sufferings of a young French boy who is sold to a street performer and forced to survive through harsh climates, near-starvation, and other cruelties. Due to an existing license in Canada, the series will only be available in the United States.

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