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MangaHelpers Removes Pirated Scanlations

AnimeKon Writes; "Looks like MangaHelpers is the first scanlation-aggregator website to willingly comply with the threatening (though still informal) requests made by the recently formed multi-national manga anti-piracy coalition, as it agrees to remove all"...

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Archaic4499d ago

These guys have apparently been working on their Open Manga project for quite some time, though I'd imagine all the recent noise has caused them to push that forward somewhat. All in all, it sounds very much like the Crunchyroll like mode, just applied to manga. Good luck to them, I say, and here's hoping they can achieve their goals.

klado4499d ago

Destroy mangatraders and Stopmazo, and manga will recover for sure.

Archaic4499d ago

While you're at it, stopping all the sites that Tazmo runs would be a good start. Stoptazmo at least don't charge, though what they do distributing licensed series is still bad enough. Tazmo though....charging people to access to scans of licensed series....that's just against all scanlation ethics.