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Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 164

Darknives Writes; "We start with a small re-cap right into the action. Even with some bad animation, it’s awesome. Naruto throws the Rasen Shuriken, to everybody’s surprise. Tendou and Jigokudou jump up. Ningendou gets Chikushoudou and sends her away of harm. Still, Rasen Shuriken has more tricks, it suddenly expands and takes Ningendou out. Chikushoudou then tries to quickly send another summon at Naruto, which he dodges"...

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klado4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Nice episode, but still with the Slack-ish animatio, guess hype took over me, lol, but stil this series, so much fillers, I don't see it as an anime adaptation anymore), same goes for One piece, bleach and whatever anime plans to keep this long episode pace full of fillers.

Animecrazy is streaming it, for those interested, doubt this site is illegal,

fatstarr4486d ago

This episode was crazy.
and Naruto was all on point this week

that site is um debatable its legal because they dont host the eps only provide the links to the source.

klado4486d ago

It'll be crazy when it retakes the animation that makes these fighting scene so special, example, Itachi vs Sasuke, or Sasuke vs Bee, or Orichimaru vs 4 tails and etc.

Till then, the episode was totally crap, sry, bunch of colored image without fluidity, ruin everything.